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February 2021

I had the pleasure of writing an article on female sexual dysfunction ‘Vulvodynia’ for feminine sexual toy company Smilemakers.

Vulvodynia can be described as an ongoing, unprovoked pain in the vulva that does not have an overt cause; where other diagnoses have been ruled out by examination and investigation. It may be primary vulvodynia - with no known cause; or secondary - caused by another condition where there is inflammation in the vulva, for example, severe vaginal thrush…

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BBC Radio Studios


Sexual Health & Relationships
October 2019

I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on "Brave Conversations," a new Podcast on BBC 1xtra and BBC Sounds, hosted by Richie Brave, to discuss Sexual Health and Relationships. I was also joined by the lovely Angelina, a Paediatric Nurse and Sexual Health expert. Topics include STI's and porn.

Click on either the BBC Sounds Podcast link or the Apple iTunes Podcast link below!

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